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The Montana State Library provides continuing education, consulting, programming, and consortial services to libraries across Montana. 

Library Development

Lead Statewide Consulting Librarian, Tracy Cook, (406) 431-0685
Consortia Director, VACANT
Lifelong Learning Librarian, Bobbi deMontigny, (406) 444-0224
Montana History Portal Director, Jennifer Birnel, (855) 259-0894
Montana Library Network Technical Support, Guil Poelsma
Statewide Consulting Librarian, Cara Orban, (406) 444-5350
Statewide Consulting Librarian, VACANT
Continuing Education Coordinator, Colet Bartow, (406) 444-3365

Montana Shared Catalog

Lead Systems Administrator, Amy Marchwick, (406) 444-4268
Systems Administrator, Melanie Carroll, (406) 444-0243
Systems Administrator, Melody Karle, (406) 444-4255
Systems Administrator, Laura Tretter, (406) 444-3128
Training & Technical Support, Keiley McGregor, (406)-444-4272

Statewide Consulting

Statewide Consulting Librarians are assigned to individual public libraries within specified consulting territories. These territories are based on the six Library Federations. Click on the Federation links below to see each consultant’s assigned libraries.