MGIA Grant Information

In accordance with the Montana Geospatial Information Act  (MGIA), the Montana State Library administers an annual grant program to distribute accumulated funds from the Montana Geospatial Information Account, established by MGIA. Grant applications are evaluated by the State Library and its advisory council, the  Montana Geospatial Information Advisory Council,  and follow the  MGIA Council Code of Ethics . Grant criteria are established based on the original intent of the MGIA and the goals and objectives of the annual Montana Geospatial Information Plan.

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FY2025 MGIA Grant Program Materials:

  • Application Registration - Register Today! 
    • Registration is required to apply for the FY2025 MGIA Grant Program. Approved registrants will receive application materials.
      • Application Registration Process Demonstration Video - Link
    • Registration Deadline: 12:00 p.m. on February 29, 2024
    • Application Deadline:    5:00 p.m. on February 29, 2024 
  • FY2025 MGIA Grant Information Package & Grant Application Process Guidelines - Link
  • MGIA Grant Program Priorities for FY2025 - Link 

Upcoming Training Opportunities

 Developing Your Grant Project Proposal | "Virtual Office Hours Series #2"

  • Open to eligible MGIA Grant Program Applicants whom attended the Grant Writing Seminar #2
    • Attendees of the 1/24/2024 "Grant Writing Seminar #2" may email Janet Cornish to schedule an appointment.

Awarded Grant Projects:

  • View Awarded Grant Projects: Link
  • MGIA Grant Projects History Dashboard (FY20-24): Link

MGIA Grant Trainings & Educational Materials:

Annual Grant Process Timeline*

Table with dates for the MGIA Grant Program application
Grant criteria/application published no later than January 15
Grant application registration deadline - registration required 12:00pm February 29, 2024
Grant application submittal deadline 5:00pm February 29, 2024
Grant applications prioritized for funding by MSL/ MGIAC by May 15
Grants applications funding approval by Montana State Library Commission by May 15
Start of grant year July 1
Quarterly status reports as negotiated
Close of grant year June 30
*This does not apply to Off-Cycle Grants

Eligible Grant Recipients

The MGIA grant program was established for the purpose of implementing the Montana Geospatial Information Plan  --  MCA 90-1-404

Eligible grant recipients:

  • state agencies
  • local governments/agencies
  • Indian tribal governments or tribal entities