Article I: Purpose

General Description

The Network Advisory Council is charged with oversight and implementation of the Montana Library Network (MLN), a collaborative community of Montana libraries whose mission is to provide all Montanans with library content and services sufficient unto their needs. With input from Core Services Committees and Montana libraries, the Council advises the State Library Commission on planning, evaluation, funding needs, and priorities to ensure the success of the Montana Library Network.

The NAC represents the interests of all types of Montana libraries and maintains the perspective of statewide geographical balance as it explores ways to help libraries; assesses community needs; identifies innovation opportunities; reviews and evaluates the feasibility, design, and outcomes of statewide library projects; assists with statewide planning and advises State Library staff, the State Librarian, and the State Library Commission.

Article II: Membership

NAC Membership

NAC members are appointed by, and serve at the direction of, the State Library Commission.

NAC appointees must collectively represent the interests of all types of Montana libraries and provide a statewide perspective. Knowledge of library leadership and collaboration, library operations, library technology, information access issues, and awareness of the library needs of Montana citizens are considered important qualifications for NAC membership.

Article III: Appointment

NAC Appointment

State Library staff and members of the State Library Commission shall serve as the nominating committee to nominate a slate of Montana librarians to serve on the NAC. The slate of candidates shall be voted on by the State Library Commission.

NAC Geographic Membership Criteria:

When making appointments to the above listed NAC membership seats, it is the intention of the State Library Commission to consider, whenever feasible, maintaining a statewide geographic balance (north, south, east, west) collectively among the total NAC membership.

Article IV: Terms of Committee Members

Open seat appointments to the NAC shall be for a term of 3 years. At the completion of his or her first three-year term, a member may be appointed to a second three-year term. An individual having served two consecutive terms may not be reappointed to the NAC within 1 year of the completion of his or her second term.

Article V: Powers and Duties

The NAC is an advisory committee, and as such, may not directly disburse funds, act as a fiduciary, or sign contracts on behalf of any entity.

To meet their charge the NAC will:

  • Evaluate MLN core services, balancing the core services-related needs with a statewide perspective and recommending priorities for investment to the Commission.
  • Ensure that, in their assessment, all voices are heard.
  • Evaluate interconnectedness between different library types, taking into account parallels for lifelong learning.
  • Advocate to vendors, the Montana Library Association, and others to support core service priorities.
  • Seek feedback from underserved groups and listen.
  • Encourage experimentation by harvesting project ideas from Leadership Institutes, etc.
  • Plan for and make recommendations to ensure the sustainability of core services for the duration of the service’s lifecycle.
  • Recommend to the Commission disinvestment in services deemed to be no longer necessary, valued by users, or that are unsuccessful.

Article VI: Officers

The officers of the NAC shall be Chair and Vice-Chair.

Officers must be a current Member of the NAC.

Officers shall serve a one-year term with the option to be re-elected.

The duties of the officers shall be:

NAC Chair:

The Chair shall provide an agenda for each meeting of the NAC and determine if an in-person or online teleconference format will be used as determined by budget considerations and agenda content. The Chair will also ensure that pertinent agenda support materials are available to the NAC membership and will facilitate the meeting in such a manner to ensure coverage of the agenda.


The Vice-Chair shall preside at NAC meetings in the absence of the Chair or at the request of the Chair, and performs such other duties as assigned by the NAC.

Article VII: Election of Officers

Officers shall be elected by the NAC by regular voting procedure.

Officers shall be elected at the last regular meeting of each calendar year, according to the following procedure.

  1. The NAC chair is responsible for presenting nominees prior to the final meeting of each calendar year,
  2. Officer terms shall begin at the first regular meeting of the calendar year.

Article VIII: Resignations, Removal, Vacancies, Leaves of Absence

A Committee member may resign by submitting written notice to the NAC Chair. The date of resignation shall be effective at the next regularly scheduled meeting or as specified by the Member’s resignation letter.

The NAC chair may recommend to the State Library Commission that a member of the NAC be removed for the following reasons:

  • Conduct injurious to the NAC, MSL, its Mission, or purpose; or
  • Non-Attendance, which is defined as two unexcused absences from regular meetings in a calendar year.

A member may request, in writing, a Leave of Absence from the NAC. The request will be acted upon at the next regularly scheduled meeting after the Leave of Absence request is received. The State Library Commission, at their discretion may appoint a new member to serve in the absence of an existing member.

Article IX: Meetings

General Meeting Guidelines

The NAC shall meet as frequently as needed to conduct its business, but shall not meet fewer than 4 times per year.

The NAC membership will determine at its final meeting of each calendar year scheduled meeting dates for the next calendar year. Some factors influencing the selection of NAC meeting dates are: State Library Commission meetings, budget and planning cycles, anticipated RFP processes, and known library events.

At the direction of the State Librarian, the NAC Chair may alter the scheduled meeting dates, or add or delete meetings as needed to ensure the NAC has the opportunity to address those topics and items which are pertinent to its mission.

Meeting Minutes

The MSL Administrative Assistant is responsible for recording minutes of the meeting, and shall contain the time and place of holding, the names of those present, and the proceedings of the meeting.


For the purposes of conducting business, a simple majority of voting members of the NAC shall constitute a quorum. Measures pass by an affirmative vote of the members present.

Voting Procedures

Except when required to do otherwise by State Procurement regulations or the like, NAC decisions and recommendations shall be determined by simple majority vote of the members present.

Proxy voting and email voting is not allowed.

Article X: Records

MSL Staff is responsible for all document maintenance and record-keeping according to MSL retention guidelines.

Article XI: Effective Date and Amendments

These bylaws shall become effective immediately on their adoption.

These bylaws may be amended only by a 2/3 majority of the NAC membership. The amended bylaws shall become effective immediately upon adoption.

Adopted November 3, 2021