Broadband in Montana Libraries

In 2019, the Montana State Library contracted with Saddle Peak Technologies to collect data for the Internet2 Toward Gigabit Libraries Toolkit. The contractor visited Montana public libraries to gather information on broadband connectivity. A research team at the Simmons University School of Library and Information Science led by Dr. Colin Rhinesmith analyzed the data to help answer questions about libraries' connectivity and related IT infrastructure in Montana.

The Toward Gigabit Libraries project is funded by the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to help libraries learn about their broadband infrastructure and internal IT environment. The goal of the project is to better equip library staff to improve library broadband services while also becoming stronger advocates for their broadband infrastructure needs. Learn more about the project at Toward Gigabit Libraries.

Report: The State of Broadband Connectivity and Related IT Infrastructure in Montana's Public Libraries
Dashboard: Toward Gigabit Libraries in Montana