Digital Elevation Model Data

These data are bare earth digital elevation models (DEM) represent the earth's surface with all vegetation and human-made structures removed. The bare earth DEMs were derived from LiDAR data using TIN processing of the ground point returns.

DEMs with a grid cell size of 3 feet were produced, and these DEMs are available. The DEMs were then processed for hydrologic correctness using photogrammetric breaklines and resampled to a cell size of 6 feet.

3-foot DEMs 6-foot Breakline-Enforced DEMS

These data may be viewed by anyone with our  Online Map Viewer or accessed as  web services that allow seamless access to the data without the need to download individual tiles. This web site is intended for quick access to data for a small area. If you need this data for a large area sent to you,  please contact the State Library.