Flathead Basin Web Service

The Flathead Basin Mapping Project data are available as web mapping services that allows users to view the data with their desktop map authoring software. Most mapping software allows you to combine these data with your own data or with data from other map services and produce your own custom maps.

To open the services in your web browser click on the link below:

A detailed description of the service will be available, along with links to open the service in ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Desktop.

To view the Flathead Basin 2009 project air photos and elevation data: 

  • Montana Air Photo Browser: includes natural color and color-infrared orthorectified aerial photos, photo dates, and links to download the data
  • Montana Lidar Inventory: view the bare earth digital elevation model, digital surface model, canopy height, intensity, hillshade, shaded relief, aspect, and slope for all available lidar projects in Montana. Data is available for download or by request.