Soil Data Viewer Interpretations

Interpretations done by the Soil Data Viewer (SDV) are based on specific rules. Some states (including Montana) have developed state specific rules that allow more accurate interpretations as well as additional interpretations not available in the national version.

The current version for MT is ver. 2 SSURGO2. It has a full compliment of National Interpretations for all Montana Surveys in addition to the NASIS crop yield modeled nirr. small grains (oats, barley, spring wheat, winter wheat), sprinkler irrigation and fencing interpretation.These local interpretations have been incorporated into the Soil Data Viewer by modifying the rules database (SDVrulesV2.mdb).

It is highly recommended that you download the ‘Montana’ version of the rules and replace the standard version AFTER you have installed the SDV.To do so follow these steps:

  • Browse to the following directory on your computer: C:/Program Files/usda/Soil Data Viewer/Databases and rename the file SDVrulesV2.mdb, to SDVrulesV2standard.mdb.
  • Click this link to download the Montana version and save it in the same directory.

If you have any questions about these updates, please contact Mike Hansen, Asst. SSS at 406-587-6960 with questions.

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