MSL-USDA NRCS Natural Resource Data Partnership Elevation and Imagery


  • Montana LiDAR Inventory - High resolution LiDAR elevation data has been collected for portions of Montana with additional collections in progress. The LiDAR Inventory story map allows online viewing of LiDAR data availability and planned acquisitions and is designed to promote collaboration and coordination of future lidar acquisitions. The LiDAR Inventory also provides web maps and printable maps depicting completed and planned LiDAR acquisitions. Missing lidar project footprints for known projects not currently in the inventory can be submitted through a simple questionnaire. The on-line map also includes an edit tool allowing lidar data users to draw priority areas of interest for future LiDAR acquisitions.
  • LiDAR data delivery system - Recently acquired LiDAR data has been post processed to a suite of derivatives and is available for viewing and download through this on-line interactive map.
  • The Montana Elevation Working Group is actively engaged in supporting the USGS 3DEP program and coordinating the acquisition of statewide LiDAR.

Statewide Elevation Data

The 10 meter National Elevation Data (NED) is currently the only available statewide elevation data for Montana. Subsets of the statewide ten meter NED elevation rasters, slopes, slopes classified for rangeland planning, and 40 foot contour data have been created for Montana NRCS management areas and can be downloaded here.

National Agricultural Imagery Program (NAIP)

The NAIP data for the state of Montana is available for the following collection periods. Data resolution for the 2021, 2019, and 2017 collections is 60 cm. The 2015-2016 images are one meter resolution. All collections include 4-bands, 3 natural color and 1 near infrared. Due to variable weather conditions during the collection period gaps may occur in the NAIP tiles. NAIP 2021NAIP 2019, NAIP 2017, NAIP 2015, NAIP 2013, NAIP 2011, NAIP 2009, NAIP 2005