Library Administration


Resources for library administrators

New Director Handbook - a resource for new public library directors designed to give them the information necessary to be successful

Trustee Manual, Vol. 1: Getting Started - an overview of Montana library information for new public library trustees

Trustee Manual Vol. 2: Continuing On - resources and information on hiring a director, marketing and planning for the future

Sample Library Job Descriptions - a collection of different job descriptions from a variety of Montana library types. King County Library System (WA) also has a collection of job descriptions.

MCA - Libraries - document explaining relationships between libraries and local government

Resources for Policy Development

Records Retention

Resources for Materials Challenges and Censorship


Guidelines for Designing a Library Survey

Guidelines for Mill Levy Elections


Accounting and Financial Report Resources

BARS Chart of Accounts

Budget training resources

Government Information

Montana Association of Counties Information about insurance and personnel services for counties and districts

Montana Municipal Interlocal Authority Information about insurance and personnel services for cities

Local Government Services Bureau A service of the Montana Department of Administration

MSU Extension Local Government Center  Resources for local government entities

Legislative Information

Types of public libraries and board authority

Archived but still may provide some useful information:

Finance and Budgeting Resources

Consulting Topics