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The Montana Libraries SPARK Initiative is the Montana State Library's state-wide economic development initiative. Started in 2020, Montana Libraries SPARK provides programming ideas and professional development opportunities for librarians in order to empower Montana's public libraries to support and assist business and economic development communities. With Montana Libraries SPARK, we hope that:

  • Montana public libraries become active contributors to economic development on a statewide and local level

  • Local business support ecosystems recognize libraries as important players in economic development

Please use the table of contents below to navigate to your desired section. If you have any further questions, please contact Amelea Kim at akim@mt.gov.

Tools and Partnerships

Marketing and Outreach Materials

The Montana Libraries SPARK marketing materials are based off a previous outreach campaign that the Montana State Library did in 2018, called Information Powers Growth. To see the materials from that campaign, please visit the Information Powers Growth materials on the Montana Library Association Website.

  • Paper Printing Colors

    • Pantone Color Bridge Coated 361C (100% PMS)

    • Pantone Color Bridge Coated Cool Gray 9 (100% PMS)

  • Web Colors (CMYK)

    • CMYK Green (C-75, M-3, Y-100, K-0)

    • CMYK Gray (C-55, M-47, Y-43, K-10)

  • Web Colors (Hex)

    • Hex Green (#3fb149 png or #40b149 jpg)

    • Hex Gray (#79787d)

    • Hex Black (#000000)

  • Fonts Used

    • For logo: Neon 80s

    • For text in marketing materials: Avenir Medium and Avenir Black