BARD Institution Accounts

Each Public Library can sign up for a BARD (Braille and Audio Reading Download) Institution Account, and assign a representative to "demonstrate" downloading to eligible patrons.  The purpose of a BARD Institution Account is to teach and demonstrate to individuals with print disabilities how to sign up for a BARD Individual Account, learn how to independently download their own materials from BARD to either a thumb drive, a digital cartridge, or an approved third party device purchased by them, unzip each downloaded item, and play it on their player.  They can also play their downloaded materials on the MTBL free loaned player.  Because the Public Library BARD Institution Accounts are for teaching and demonstrating purposes only, BARD offers only four books to download that are in the public domain.  Once patrons are instructed on how to sign up for a BARD Individual Account, download materials, unzip an item and play it on their player, the Public Library has accomplished the goal of a BARD Institution "Demo" Account participant.

The BARD online collection currently contains over 55,400+ digital and braille downloadable books and magazines, Braille and Digital Musical scores and books, Instrument Instructions, and Foreign Language books (other than English) specially acquired and produced abroad.

Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD)