FY15 Work Plan - Mission, Tasks

Mission Statement

Explore and evaluate available and anticipated information technology resources and communicate with and advise the Montana State Library and the Montana library community on the provision of quality information resources which will enrich the lives of the citizens they serve.

Ongoing Tasks

  • Research and review technology-based resources and services which may potentially benefit Montana libraries and citizens and make recommendations to MSL staff on which resources and services to explore
  • Assist MSL to prepare library technology and information resources Request for Proposal (RFP) documents as part of the official state procurement process
  • Serve on RFP evaluation committees as part of the official state procurement process
  • Make recommendations to the State Librarian on the purchase, design, implementation, and evaluation of statewide products, projects and services that will benefit Montana libraries and the citizens they serve
  • Make recommendations to the State Librarian on the annual Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) budget for statewide projects and services
  • Contribute to the strategic and long range planning efforts of MSL
  • Advise MSL on other matters that the State Librarian determines will benefit from the statewide and multi-type library perspective offered by the NAC membership
  • Communicate the goals and objectives of the NAC and MSL to librarians around the state; act as an educational resource for librarians in the area of library technologies, seek feedback from library colleagues on matters within the purview of the NAC and share that feedback with the State Librarian; serve as an official channel for communication on specific matters as requested by the State Librarian.