Montana Geospatial Information Plans

The Montana Geospatial Information Act (MGIA) requires that a geospatial information plan be reviewed, and if needed updated, every three years. The Plan describes Montana’s priority needs in regard to the collection, maintenance, and dissemination of geospatial information (MCA 90-1-404(c)). Those priority needs are used in part to allocate funds from the state geospatial information account. Priorities must be consistent with the intent of the MGIA which recognizes the importance of geospatial information for all sectors of Montana. It also recognizes the need to ensure that geospatial information is:

  • Collected consistently – in accordance with standards
  • Maintained accurately - in accordance with standards
  • Made available in common ways for all potential uses and users, both private and public

GIS Coordination Strategic Plan

Land Information Plans