Data Delivery

If you require a larger volume of data than you can conveniently download, you may send us a portable storage device and we can copy the data to it and return it to you.

The storage requirements for the Flathead Basin data collection are as follows:

  • Natural-Color Image Mosaics: 3.55 Gb
  • Natural-Color Image Tiles: 3.34 Gb
  • Color Infrared Image Mosaics: 3.94 Gb
  • Color Infrared Image Tiles: 3.28 Gb
  • 3-foot DEMs: 2.57 Gb
  • 6-foot DEMs: 0.73 Gb
  • Contour Line Geodatabases: 3.56 Gb
  • Contour Line Shapefiles: 1.63 Gb
  • LiDAR data, all returns: 87 Gb
  • LiDAR data, ground returns: 28 Gb

You MUST include return postage with your external storage device. We may only return your device to you with the U.S. Postal Service or with FedEx. UPS will not pick up packages from our location. You may include a pre-paid postage sticker or Fed Ex waybill, or you may give us your Fed Ex account number so we may use their web site to schedule a delivery.

The Post Office and FedEx require different addresses for delivery to us:

Post Office:

Montana State Library
PO Box 201800
Helena, MT 59620-1800


Montana State Library
C/O State Print & Mail
1698 A Street
Helena Mt 59601

Please include a message saying that you are asking for 2009 Flathead Basin data and say which data you want.