Montana's Tallest Peaks by Mountain Range

This unofficial list was developed from the  Geographic Names Information System (GNIS), the  National Elevation Dataset, and the Peak Bagger page.  The elevations were read from U. S. Geological Survey 1:24,000 scale topographic maps.  For more information about this data please read more.

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Table lists Mountain Range Name, Peak Name, Elevation in Feet, and County located in
Range Peak Elevation County
Absaroka Range Mount Cowen 11212 Park
Black Mountain 10941 Park
Emigrant Peak 10921 Park
The Needles 10905 Park
"Adel Mountains" Adel Mountain 7093 Lewis and Clark
Anaconda Range West Goat Peak 10793 Deer Lodge
Mount Evans 10641 Deer Lodge
Mount Haggin 10607 Deer Lodge
"Bangtail Range" Un-named peak 7982 Gallatin
Bears Paw Mountains Baldy Mountain 6916 Hill
Wellen Peak 6362 Hill
Little Joe Peak 6321 Hill
Beartooth Mountains Granite Peak 12799 Park
Mount Wood 12649 Stillwater
Castle Mountain 12612 Carbon
Whitetail Peak 12551 Carbon
Castle Rock Spire 12540 Carbon
Silver Run Peak 12500 Carbon
Beaverhead Mountains Eighteenmile Peak 11125 Beaverhead
"Cottonwood" 11024 Beaverhead
Italian Peak 10996 Beaverhead
Garfield Mountain 10961 Beaverhead
Big Belt Mountains Mount Edith 9507 Broadwater
Mount Baldy 9472 Broadwater
Big Sheep Mountains Big Sheep Mountain 3590 Prairie
Little Sheep Mountain 3517 Prairie
Big Snowy Mountains Greathouse Peak 8681 Fergus
Old Baldy 8678 Fergus
Knife Blade Ridge 8590 Fergus
Bighorn Mountains Un-named peak 9257 Big Horn
Bitterroot Mountains Trapper Peak 10157 Ravalli
El Capitan 9983 Ravalli
Un-named peak 9883 Ravalli
Boulder Peak 9804 Ravalli
Blacktail Mountains Un-named peak 9477 Beaverhead
Un-named peak 9247 Beaverhead
Boulder Mountains Haystack Mountain 8819 Jefferson
Jack Mountain 8752 Jefferson
Un-named Peak 8693 Jefferson
Bridger Range Sacagawea Peak 9650 Gallatin
Naya Nuki Peak 9581 Gallatin
Hardscrabble Peak 9575 Gallatin
Bull Mountains Dunn Mountain 4744 Yellowstone
Cabinet Mountains Snowshoe Peak 8738 Lincoln
A Peak 8634 Lincoln
Bockman Peak 8174 Lincoln
Castle Mountains Elk Peak 8566 Meagher
Wapiti Peak 8552 Meagher
Willow Peak 8361 Meagher
Centennial Mountains Mount Jefferson 10203 Beaverhead
Baldy Mountain 9880 Beaverhead
Taylor Mountain 9855 Beaverhead
Chalk Buttes Un-named Peak 4210 Carter
Couer d'Alene Mountains Cherry Peak 7352 Sanders
Penrose Peak 7232 Sanders
Un-named Peak 7189 Sanders
Crazy Mountains Crazy Peak 11209 Sweet Grass
Iddings Peak 10936 Park
Un-named Peak 10840 Park
"East" Pioneer Mountains Tweedy Mountain 11154 Beaverhead
Torrey Mountain 11147 Beaverhead
Granite Mountain 10633 Beaverhead
Elkhorn Mountains Crow Peak 9415 Jefferson
Elkhorn Peak 9410 Jefferson
Windy Point 9016 Jefferson
Flathead Range Great Northern Mountain 8705 Flathead
Mount Grant 8590 Flathead
Mount Baptiste 8396 Flathead
Flint Creek Range Mount Powell 10168 Powell
Un-named Peak 9779 Powell
Deer Lodge Mountain 9765 Powell
Gallatin Range Electric Peak 10969 Park
Mount Bole 10333 Gallatin
Mount Chisholm 10333 Gallatin
Hyalite Peak 10298 Gallatin
Galton Range Poorman Mountain 7832 Lincoln
Green Mountain 7822 Lincoln
Garnet Range Old Baldy Mountain 7511 Powell
Devil Mountain 7438 Powell
Hoodoo Mountain 7210 Powell
Gravelly Range Black Butte 10542 Madison
Big Horn Mountain 10275 Madison
Lion Mountain 10161 Madison
Henrys Lake Mountains Un-named Peak 10606 Madison
Highland Mountains Table Mountain 10223 Madison
Un-named peak 10136 Madison
Red Mountain 10070 Silver Bow
Highwood Mountains Highwood Baldy 7670 Chouteau
Arrow Peak 7485 Chouteau
Un-named peak 7162 Judith Basin
John Long Mountains Butte Cabin Ridge 8468 Granite
Quigg Peak 8419 Granite
Hogback Ridge 8322 Granite
Judith Mountains Judith Peak 6428 Fergus
Red Mountain 6180 Fergus
Crystal Peak 6147 Fergus
Collar Peak 6127 Fergus
Pyramid Peak 6127 Fergus
Lewis Range Mount Cleveland 10466 Glacier
Mount Stimson 10142 Flathead
Mount Jackson 10052 Flathead
Mount Siyeh 10014 Glacier
Mount Merritt 10004 Glacier
Lewis and Clark Range Red Mountain 9411 Lewis and Clark
Scapegoat Mountain 9202 Lewis and Clark
Flint Mountain 9079 Lewis and Clark
Little Belt Mountains Big Baldy Mountain 9175 Judith Basin
Yogo Peak 8801 Judith Basin
Long Mountain 8621 Cascade
Little Rocky Mountains Antoine Butte 5743 Phillips
Old Scraggy Peak 5708 Phillips
Shell Butte 5692 Phillips
Little Snowy Mountains Un-named peak 6260 Golden Valley
Livingston Range Kintla Peak 10101 Flathead
Kinnnerly Peak 9944 Flathead
Rainbow Peak 9891 Flathead
Long Pines Tri-Point Lookout 4120 Carter
Blocker Field 4105 Carter
Un-named peak 4090 Carter
Madison Range Hilgard Peak 11297 Madison
Koch Peak 11293 Madison
Echo Peak 11260 Madison
Mission Range McDonald Peak 9820 Lake
West McDonald Peak 9448 Lake
East Saint Marys Peak 9425 Lake
"Nevada Mountains" Black Mountain 8330 Lewis and Clark
Nevada Mountain 8293 Powell
Ninemile Divide Stark Mountain 7352 Mineral
Lookout Mountain 7099 Mineral
North Moccasin Mountains Un-named peak 5602 Fergus
Pryor Mountains Big Pryor Mountain 8786 Carbon
East Pryor Mountain 8776 Carbon
Purcell Mountains Northwest Peak 7705 Lincoln
Davis Mountain 7583 Lincoln
Robinson Mountain 7539 Lincoln
"Rattlesnake Mountains" McLeod Peak 8620 Missoula
Reservation Divide Ch-paaa-qn Peak 7996 Missoula
Three Lakes Peak 7792 Sanders
Blackrock Peak 7628 Sanders
Ruby Range Un-named Peak 9391 Madison
Salish Mountains McGuire Mountain 6991 Lincoln
Sutton Mountain 6872 Lincoln
Blacktail Mountain 6757 Flathead
Sapphire Mountains Kent Peak 9010 Ravalli
Congdon Peak 8884 Granite
Un-named peak 8862 Granite
Sawtooth Range Rocky Mountain 9392 Teton
Old Baldy 9156 Teton
Mount Wright 8875 Teton
Snowcrest Range Sunset Peak 10581 Madison
Hogback Mountain 10572 Madison
Olson Peak 10482 Madison
South Moccasin Mountains Un-named peak 5798 Fergus
Swan Range Holland Peak 9356 Missoula
Swan Peak 9289 Lake
"Ptarmigan" 9083 Missoula
Sweet Grass Hills West Butte 6983 Toole
Mount Brown 6958 Liberty
Mount Royal 6914 Liberty
Tendoy Mountains Ellis Peak 9699 Beaverhead
Dixon Mountain 9674 Beaverhead
Sourdough Peak/Grassy Top 9571 Beaverhead
Tobacco Root Mountains Hollowtop Mountain 10604 Madison
Granite Peak 10590 Madison
Un-named peak 10574 Madison
"West" Pioneer Mountains Stine Mountain 9490 Beaverhead
Odell Mountain 9405 Beaverhead
Round Top Mountain 9345 Beaverhead
Whitefish Range Nasukoin Mountain 8086 Flathead
Un-named peak 7849 Flathead
Mount Thompson-Seton 7820 Flathead
Wolf Mountains Un-named peak 5450 Big Horn

Names shown in quotation are not officially recognized by the U.S. Board of Geographic Names (BGN).  The Pioneer Mountains are an officially recognized name, but the separate East and West ranges are not.  Most ranges do not have officially designated boundaries.  The  Mountain Range Boundaries  used here were defined by State Library and Montana Wilderness Association staff.

Please notice that this is  NOT a list of the tallest mountains in Montana. The 41 tallest named peaks in Montana are all in the Beartooth Range, and there are more than 240 named peaks whose elevations are over 10,000 feet. Montana's  300 tallest named peaks are also available.