Talking Book Library

Montana Talking Books offers alternative reading materials for eligible Montana residents who are unable to read standard print due to low vision, blindness, and physical and/or reading disabilities. If you know of anyone who could benefit from services, please go to our webpage and print an application for them to fill out and have certified. Public librarians are qualified to certify eligibility.

For general questions, please contact MTB directly.

How is Montana Talking Books a resource for Public Librarians and their patrons?

Montana Talking Books shares patrons with all Montana Public Libraries who serve residents with low vision, blindness, and physical and/or reading disabilities. Montana Talking Books works in partnership with the National Library Service and Montana Public Libraries to provide free loaned digital library audio books and magazines delivered two ways: 1) Free door-to-door delivery of audio and Braille books, magazines, and players, and/or 2) Downloadable books and magazines for patrons who have high speed internet and an email account. Eligibility is determined based on National Library Service standards.

Montana Talking Books also has an Agreement with the Utah State Library to provide free Braille embossed library services to Montana patrons.

Public Library BARD Institution Account Goals

Each Public Library can sign up for a BARD (Braille and Audio Reading Download) Institution Account, and assign a representative to "demonstrate" downloading to eligible patrons. The purpose of a BARD Institution Account is to teach and demonstrate to individuals with print disabilities how to sign up for a BARD Individual Account, learn how to independently download their own materials from BARD to either a thumb drive, a digital cartridge, or an approved third party device purchased by the patron, and play it on their player. They can also play their downloaded materials on the free loaned player. Because the Public Library BARD Institution Accounts are for teaching and demonstrating purposes only, BARD offers only four books to download that are in the public domain. To apply for a BARD Institution account please contact MTB directly.

The BARD online collection currently contains over 55,400+ digital and braille downloadable books and magazines, Braille and Digital Musical scores and books, Instrument Instructions, and Foreign Language books (other than English) specially acquired and produced abroad.

Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD)

Instructions on how to apply for a BARD account:








Assist patrons on how to search, and order, books from the Montana Talking Books and the National Library Service catalogs. Guide patrons on how to download BARD books and magazines directly from their catalog search results.

To access the Montana Catalog, please open this link: MTB ONLINE CATALOG

The National Library Service offers a text-only version of their catalog, called Quick Search, for easy use with screen readers. To access the Quick Search Catalog, please open this link: NLS QUICK SEARCH

The National Library Service offers a graphic version of their catalog, called Voyager. To access the Voyager Catalog, please open this link: NLS VOYAGER