Mill Levies and Elections

How do we get started?
  • Read Guidelines for Mill Levy Elections. It will give you an overview of the Montana Code Annotated and the process for asking for dedicated library mills.
  • Talk to other libraries who have been through this process. Montana State Library staff can connect you with libraries who have successfully won an election.
  • Consider the following timeline to get a sense of the time commitment. This timeline is only a suggestion. You may find yourself in a situation where you are forced to work under pressure. This timeline is an ideal.

How do we increase our chances of being successful?
  • Libraries who have been successful will tell you that winning a campaign starts long before you start the paperwork and election process.
  • Winning a campaign starts by building strong, positive relationships with community members and local government officials.
  • It begins with excellent customer service and identifying and communicating how the library adds value to the community.
  • Our resources about advocacy may be of assistance as you begin this process.
Where can we learn more?
  • Every Library is a nonprofit that supports library initiatives. Their books and webinars can help you craft a message, recruit volunteers, and run a campaign. They will assist libraries who are trying to win an election.
  • Contact Montana State Library staff for additional assistance: