Ready 2 Read Goes Wild Bear Trunk

What is the Ready 2 Read Goes Wild Bear Trunk?

The Ready 2 Read Goes Wild program, a joint project between the Montana State Library and Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks, uses nature and Montana animals to spark kids' interest in language and literacy, math and science, and the natural world that surrounds them. This program was originally launched in 2010 and provided themed trunks with activity resources in them to libraries around the state. The Ready 2 Read Goes Wild Bear Trunk contains educational activities focused on bears for kids to learn and appreciate these cool animals!

Special thanks to Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks for their help in providing and developing many of the materials used in this program!

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What is in the trunk?

There are five activities in the trunk that are available for borrowers to use:

  • Limiting Factors - pg 26 in Project Wild (K - 12)
  • Tracks - pg 37 in Project Wild (K - 12)
  • What Bear Goes Where? - pg 195 in Project Wild (K - 12)
  • Lunch for a Bear - pg 26 in Growing Up Wild (ages 3 - 7)
  • Tracks! - pg. 36 in Growing Up Wild (ages 3 - 7)

Trunk Inventory:

  • 1 bear pelt (on extended loan from FWP)
  • 1 bear skull
  • 1 bear scat replica
  • 1 bear track mold (large)
  • 1 pair of bear tracks (small)
  • 1 pair of deer tracks 
  • 1 pair of raccoon tracks
  • 1 wood duck track
  • 1 box of laminated food cards for the Limiting Factors activity
  • 1 set of laminated track stencils
  • 1 set of laminated easy track puzzles (for very young children)
  • 1 binder of photocopies to use with the activities
  • 8 colorful ink pads
  • Book: Alaska's Three Bears, by Shelley Gill
  • 1 Growing Up Wild Curriculum book (outdoor education plans for ages 3 – 7)
  • 1 Project Wild Curriculum book (outdoor education plans for ages 7+)

Training Videos and Resources for the Bear Trunk:

How do I borrow/use a trunk?

Visit the MSL Trunk Program Page for more information on who can borrow a trunk, and what the expectations are for using a trunk!

Montana Library Hosts

In addition to the one copy of the Bear Trunk at the State Library, there are four Montana libraries that are permanently hosting a copy of the Ready 2 Read Goes Wild Bear Trunk. You are welcome to reach out to these libraries to ask about borrowing their copy. 

  • Choteau/Teton Public Library in Choteau, MT
  • Madison Valley Public Library in Ennis, MT
  • Glacier County Library in Cutbank, MT
  • Stillwater County Library in Columbus, MT