Other NLS Approved Players

Commercial (3rd Party) Digital Book Players

The following players are approved by the National Library Service (NLS) and the Montana Talking Book Library for compatibility with BARD (Braille and Audio Reading Download).  Patrons are not required by NLS or MTBL to purchase any of these players.  The NLS Digital Talking Book Player is available in a standard and advanced model, free on loan, to each library patron.  (Disclaimer:  The following devices are the responsibility of the patron.  In providing this information to our patrons we are not endorsing or recommending these products or suppliers.  We will provide similar information on other devices or suppliers as we become aware of them.)

*APH BOOK PORT PLUS by American Printing House for the Blind http://shop.aph.org/ 

*APH BRAILLE PLUS MOBILE MANAGER by American Printing House for the Blind http://shop.aph.org/ 

*APEX BRAILLE/VOICE NOTE by HumanWare http://www.humanware.com/en-usa/products 

*ICON by LevelStar http://www.levelstar.com/ 

VICTOR READER STRATUS and/or STREAM by Human Ware http://www.humanware.com/en-usa/products 

*BOOKSENSE, BOOKSENSE DS, BOOKSENSE XT are no longer produced and sold by HIMS; however, these BookSense products are still NLS approved players 

HIMS Blaze ET https://hims-inc.com/products/blaze-et/

HIMS Blaze EZ https://hims-inc.com/products/blaze-ez/

PLEXTALK Pocket PTN2, PLEXTALK PTP1 by Plextor http://www.plextalk.com/americas/ 

MILESTONE 212 & 312 by Bones, Inc sold by the following USA companies:

*Indicates that the player is compatible with electronic Braille materials.  To register a device, logon to BARD by opening the following link:  https://nlsbard.loc.gov/nlsbardprod/login/MT1A 

No Story Should Go Untold

No Story Should Go Untold

Sometimes the best words on the page aren't on the page. That's why Montana Talking Books offers high quality audio books and magazines recorded by trained narrators for your reading pleasure. Because No Story Should Go Untold.