Library Development Study Task Force

The Montana State Library is statutorily obligated to give assistance and advice to all tax-supported or public libraries in the state and to all counties, cities, towns, or regions in the state that propose to establish libraries, as to the best means of establishing and improving those libraries; (MCA. 22-1-103).   As the role of libraries changes so too does the work of the State Library to support public libraries. At the same time, both state and federal funding resources to support library development have remained stagnant for many years in the face of increasing costs and demand for support.

Recognizing the impact these forces have on the State Library’s ability to effectively support libraries in all forms, the State Library seeks feedback from the library community about the priorities for our work and allocation of resources to do this work most efficiently. The State Librarian charges this task force to: 

  • Develop a process to evaluate the importance of programs and services of the State Library that support library development to ensure that Montana libraries are prepared to meet the challenges and to embrace the opportunities that come with being a 21st century library;
  • Prioritize those programs and services, keeping in mind the needs of all types of libraries;
  • Make recommendations regarding new programs and services if needed;
  • Make recommendations regarding how all identified programs and services might be most effectively delivered; and to
  • Make recommendations about how these programs and services might best be funded.

The recommendations of this task force were adopted by the Montana State Library Commission on February 10, 2016.

LDSTF Recommendation Memo

LDSTF Recommendations

LDSTF Program Services