The Home for Knowledge about Montana, for Montanans, by Montanans.


The Montana State Library provides information, resources, and guidance to Montanans to help expand their knowledge and empower their decisions. We offer leading-edge data and applications, plus a dedicated staff, to help all people efficiently seek accurate and transparent answers about Montana.




An Online Portal to Information You Need


Government Information
Access state publications, state agency databases, archived state and local government websites, and federal documents.


Water and Natural Resource Information
Find field guides, plant and animal species reports, mapped information on lakes and rivers, drought and water supply maps, elevation data, and more.


Geographical Information
View statewide information on land ownership, boundary, structure, address, transportation, and other datasets through maps, application, and data feeds.


Cultural and Historic Information
Learn about Montana through cultural and historic photographs, documents, yearbooks, oral histories, and more.


Services for Libraries and Our Patrons
Benefit from our programming, education, and consulting services; e-books, online research databases, and additional robust library resources.


Services for Those Unable to Read Printed Materials
If reading print is difficult due to permanent or temporary conditions, sign up for braille and audio reading services.



Our Mission


The Montana State Library (MSL) helps all organizations, communities, and Montanans thrive through excellent library resources and services.




State Library Tenets


Our open-data advocacy helps equalize the knowledge base of Montanans.


We are non-partisan with a reputation for integrity and transparency that fosters strong relationships across the state.

All areas of the State Library contribute to making lives better for Montanans.


We promote data-sharing that expedites decisions and leads to better outcomes.


We anticipate the information needs of Montanans which results in innovative product and service offerings.


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Phone: (406) 444-3115
Toll Free: (800) 338-5087
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