MGIA Awarded Grant Projects

The Montana Geospatial Information Act Grant Program was established under the Montana Land Information Act in 2007. Then in 2023, the MLIA statute was amended to the MGIA to reflect new standards, and since it's inception, the grant program has helped fund many successful geographic information projects across the state of Montana. Projects funded range in diversity from collecting water lines data for the City of Billings Heights, collecting/maintaining statewide address points for 9-1-1, developing a GIS education program at Swan Valley Elementary School, and improving the spatial accuracy of land records for Park County.

State Fiscal Year Total Amount Awarded
FY2024 $250,000
FY2023 $250,000
FY2022 $250,000
FY2021 $163,000
FY2020 $250,000
FY2019 $250,000
FY2018 $249,499
FY2017 $231,217
FY2016 $157,534
FY2015 $302,993
FY2014 $259,138
FY2013 $252,342