Public Library Directors Must Be Certified

Certification is mandatory for all public library directors (including those with MLS/MLIS degrees) in order for the library to receive state funding.

Directors must complete the Library Administrator Track which involves the following:

  • 60 continuing education credits earned in a 4 year period
  • Minimum of 20 credits earned in the Library Administration CE category
  • Minimum of 10 credits in each of the other CE categories: Collection Management and Technical Services, Library Services to the Public, and Technology

Balance of credits are electives

Directors with a MLS/MLIS degree earned within the last 4 years can apply for certification immediately. Those who have an older degree and are not already certified have until December 31, 2013 to fulfill the Library Administrator Track requirements.

Certificates are valid for 4 years. All public library directors must continue to participate in continuing education activities and apply for certification every 4 years to remain certified.

Newly hired directors will have 4 years to earn a certificate. The State Library will send the director and board a letter with information about the certification program and the date the requirement must be met.