Task D One: Draft the Petition and Its Contents

The petition language and the eventual ballot language must match and be legally sound as approved by the county attorney. The petition must contain the boundaries of the proposed public library district; a map showing the boundaries; the proposed maximum property tax mill levy that could be levied on property owners within the district for the operation of the district; and the proposed number of members on the board of trustees, five or seven. The petition's text must be published in a newspaper in accord with MCA 7-1-2121.

During the Planning Phase, you decided upon your boundaries. In this phase, you must make it legal by using appropriate terminology and providing a map. Ask your county attorney if s/he can help you create a legal description and map for the district. Or you can hire an engineer or surveying firm to provide you with both of those items.

Name the district. Choose something that describes the geographic area covered and add the words public library district to it.

List the proposed maximum property tax mill levy, which you should have figured out in the Planning Phase. During that phase, you should have also decided upon your board of trustees. How many will you have?

[Refer to Decision Phase Form C: Petition for Election at the end of this section.]