FY15 Work Plan - Goal Five

Goal Five - Collaboration

5. MSL promotes partnerships and encourages collaboration among its users.

5.1. Facilitate information-sharing partnerships among federal, tribal, state and local governments, businesses and citizens.  Partnerships should promote the role of libraries in Montana communities, create funding opportunities for Montana libraries, and extend the reach of information services and delivery throughout the state.

5.2 The Commission Chair will designate Commissioners to serve on both the Network Advisory Council and the NRIS Advisory Committee.  These designees will attend committee meetings to represent the interests of the Commission and will provide feedback to the Commission regarding committee reports and initiatives.

5.3  The Commission will invite the Governor or his designee to attend a meeting of the State Library Commission in order to learn about the Governor’s priorities for the 2015 Legislative Session.           

5.4  The Commission will invite the Montana Library Association Government Affairs representative to the December Commission meeting to discuss the MLA legislative agenda.

5.5 The Commission will continue a process to learn more about broadband service availability to libraries in Montana and opportunities to further support expansion of broadband technology to meet the needs of library public computing centers.