FY15 Work Plan - Vision, Mission, Values


Develop and deliver 21st Century library resources and information services.


The Montana State Library is committed to strengthening libraries and information services for all Montanans through leadership, advocacy, and service.


MSL values:

  • An educated and inquisitive citizenry.
  • Library services that are responsive to users’ needs.
  • Free government information that is easily accessible and widely distributed.
  • Patron privacy.
  • Equitable access to all library resources and services.
  • Competent and professional staff.
  • Open, direct, and timely communication.
  • Economic development of Montana and Montanans.

The State Library Commission is established by Montana statute 22-1-101 (MCA).

The role of the State Library Commission is to set forth policies and funding priorities that empower the State Library to meets its mission and statutory obligations and to advocate for the State Library and the Montana library and information communities whenever possible.

The State Library Commission Group norms:

  • The Commissioners will read and come to meetings prepared to discuss agenda items;
  • Commission meetings follow Roberts Rules of Order;
  • Commissioners are bound by the State Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct: http://leg.mt.gov/bills/mca_toc/2_2_1.htm.