FY15 Work Plan - Goal Four

Goal Four - Consultation and Leadership

4. MSL provides consultation and leadership to enable users to set and reach their goals.

4.1. Represent the interests of MSL partners including public libraries and the GIS community in appropriate legislative, community, regional, and national forums;

4.1.a. Pacific Northwest Library Association conference, August 13-15, Helena, Montana;

4.2. Establish and maintain contact with Library Directors and Trustees, and other MSL partners, to remain cognizant of their needs and the challenges they face;

4.2.a. Each Commissioner will attend at least one library federation meeting during fiscal year 2015;

4.2.b. Each Commissioner will attend the 2015 Montana Library Association Conference, April 8-11, 2015 in Bozeman, Montana;

4.2.c. The Commission Chair will facilitate Conversations with the Commission session at the Montana Library Association Conference;

4.2.d. At least one Commissioner will attend meetings of the Montana Shared Catalog and MontanaLibrary2Go each year;

4.2.e. Commissioners are encouraged to visit libraries as they travel the state. Advanced notice to the libraries is recommended.

4.3. Share information about the role of the State Library Commission beyond the boundaries of the Montana Library Community;

4.4. At least one Commissioner will attend at least one “visioning” conference during the fiscal year, as funding allows. Discuss findings with the Commission and MSL staff and make recommendations for future opportunities for improved library services.

4.4.a. The Colorado State Library may host a conference focused on how to measure the impact of library services during the summer of 2016. Given the State Library focus on how to measure the impact of our services, this may be an appropriate conference for a Commissioner to attend. Details of the conference will be shared with the Commission when they are available.

4.5 The Commission will invite at least one recipient of a Montana Land Information Act (MLIA) grant to present on the outcomes of their grant in order to better educate the Commission on the role, outcome and impacts of the MLIA.