FY15 Work Plan - Goal Six

Goal Six - Sustainable Success

6. MSL is efficient and effective (measured against partner and patron outcomes) and is engaged in fulfilling its mission.

6.1. Advocate for the Montana State Library and the Montana Library Community with federal, tribal, state and local governments, businesses and citizens.  Advocacy should promote the role of libraries in Montana communities, create funding opportunities for Montana libraries, and extend the reach of information services and delivery throughout the state;

6.1.a. At least one Commissioner will attend the Montana Library Legislative Day in January;

6.1.b. The Commission Chair will provide testimony before the Legislature on behalf of the Montana State Library and the library community;

6.1.c.  A member of the Commission will attend National Library Legislative Day May 4-5, 2015 in Washington, D.C.;

6.2. Request and participate in trainings and/or presentations by staff and other subject matter experts on new and existing topics that will educate the Commissions on issues that will help the Commission to continually grow as a Commission and to support the work of the State Library;

6.3. Advise, review and approve policies that recognize the significant contributions of and develop the leadership and management skills of MSL staff;

6.4. Provide guidance on and evaluation of the State Librarian work plan and performance.