3-foot Digital Elevation Models

Elevation data for the Flathead Basin were collected between September 22 and September 29, 2009.

These data are in Montana State Plane coordinates, NAD83, HARN. The horizontal units of the coordinate system are  U.S. Survey Feet. The vertical datum is  NAVD 88, Geoid03.

Thes data consist of 106 Digital Elevation Models in TIFF format, each covering an area covering approximately 3800 acres. Select your area of interest from the map below to see a map of the files that may be downloaded.

Flathead 2009

A version of these data processed with photogrammetric breakline enforcement and resampled to 6-foot grid cells are available  here.

These data may be viewed by anyone with our  Online Map Viewer or accessed as  web services that allow seamless access to the data without the need to download individual tiles. This web site is intended for quick access to data for a small area. If you need this data for a large area sent to you,  please contact the State Library.