Data Outreach

This Theme Steward works closely with the USGS National Map Liaison, who is the default federal steward for this theme. MSDI Elevation theme steward activities include organizing user community meetings/surveys, providing updates on 3DEP to interested parties in Montana, point of contact for coordination and collection of elevation data in Montana, and demonstrating the use of enhanced elevation data at conferences and workshops.

Since the statewide 10-meter DEM has been completed  for Montana, most of the outreach involves leading an MSDI Elevation working group within the state to elicit elevation data quality requirements as well as facilitating the planning of data acquisition. The USGS National Map Liaison can assist with this planning and can facilitate the coordination, collection, and use of the data but the state writes and manages the plan.

Theme Lead

Troy Blandford
Montana State Library
(406) 444-7930
MSDI Elevation Theme Steward/Lead

USGS Contact:
Tom Carlson
USGS National Map Liaison
(253) 552-1682