Success Stories

Perhaps the most important measure of success is patron use of MSDI data. Below we cite specialized uses and additional successes in the form of stewardship activities, reports, and the like.

  • Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument (NPS) LiDAR — for cultural resource management.  Using the best lidar available, Quality Level one (QL1) to locate cultural landmarks within and adjacent to the monument.
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Benton Lake, MT (NPS) LiDAR — for hydro characteristics / natural resource restoration. Using QL3 LiDAR to understand local topography and to manage natural resource conservation plans.
  • Glacier National Park (NPS) — participating in pre-planning stage of QL2 lidar collection.  Possible collection of Glacier National Park area of interest in 2015-16.

Theme Lead

Troy Blandford
Montana State Library
(406) 444-7930
MSDI Elevation Theme Steward/Lead

USGS Contact:
Tom Carlson
USGS National Map Liaison
(253) 552-1682