Research and Development

Item Description (opportunities/risks) Resource Needs (time/$)
Determine how the MSDI Hydrography framework data can be both sustainably tied to the USGS NHD dataset and meet the needs of Montana state government agencies and their mandates. The details of how Montana can build its own hydrography model, while still complimenting the NHD are being investigated. This is likely a significant endeavor (0.5 to 1 FTE) requiring a change in how data are edited, distributed, and submitted to the USGs.
USGS NHD Data Quality Improvements (systematic basin-by-basin editing and addressing items in the Hydro edit queue) This is an ongoing task. Each fiscal year we choose basins we'll work on and accomplish this ongoing task through time. The available data editing resources and the amount of water landscape change may mean that this task will continue in perpetuity. Approximately  600 staff hours per year are available to work on a portion of the USGS NHD editing