Success Stories

Perhaps the most important measure of success is patron use of MSDI data. Below we cite specialized uses and additional successes in the form of stewardship activities, reports, and the like.

Theme data use:

  • Montana Department of Transportation (ADA planning)
  • NorthWestern Energy (transmission line work/planning)
  • MT Fish Wildlife & Parks (Wildlife studies)
  • MT Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (Wildland Fire)
  • US Census Bureau (decennial census)
  • US Bureau of Land Management (Wildland Fire)

The Address Geocoding service is increasingly being used:

  • State Library ArcGIS Online Organization account default geocoder
  • MT Department of Health and Human Services
  • MT Census and Economic Information Center
  • Cadastral Mapping Application
  • MT Legislative Services
  • MT Department of Natural Resources and Conservation
  • Park County, Montana‚Äôs ArcGIS Online mapping applications