Discussion Groups


The Montana Shared Catalog discussion groups can be used in two different ways. First, they can be used in the traditional way with an email client (i.e. Microsoft Outlook), and secondly they can be used through a web site using a web browser (i.e. Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox).


We use Google Groups to manage our discussion groups. There are eleven (11) discussion groups used by the Montana Shared Catalog (MSC). The groups are:

Group Name Description
msc-4rivers 4 Rivers Sharing Group
msc-bridgernet BridgerNet Sharing Group
msc-discuss General Discussion Group
msc-exec Executive Committee Discussion Group
msc-cmc Content Management Committee Discussion Group
msc-largepublic Large Public Library Discussion Group
msc-mcps Missoula County Public Schools Sharing Group
msc-mediumpublic Medium Public Library Discussion Group
msc-partners Partners Sharing Group
msc-schools Schools Discussion Group
msc-smallpublic Small Public Library Discussion Group
msc-special Special Library Discussion Group
msc-techservices Technical Services Discussion Group

Note #1: To use these instructions with a discussion group other than the "msc-discuss" General Discussion Group, simply replace the "msc-discuss" with the discussion group name you are interested in. For example, in the URL below to access the "msc-discuss" General Discussion Group web site with your web browser, replace the word "msc-discuss" with the word "msc-exec" if you want to visit the Executive Committee Discussion Group web site instead of the General Discussion Group web site.

Note #2: If you are only interested in sending and recieving emails to and from the discussion group, and you NEVER want to access the discussion group via your web browser, then it is not necessary to create a Google account. Please ignore the "Access with Web Browser" instructions, and only use the "Access with Email Client" instructions.

Access with Email Client

To join the "msc-discuss" General Discussion Group using an email client, open a help desk ticket requesting you be added to the discussion group. There is no automated method available to join a discussion group. It is structured this way to prevent spammers from joining our groups. All users are managed through the MSC Administration Team.

To  leave the "msc-discuss" General Discussion Group using an email client, send an email to:


To  send a new message to the "msc-discuss" General Discussion Group using your email client, send a message with the following email address typed in the To: field… and enter your text in the body of the message. Please be sure your Subject: field… is populated also.


Access with Web Browser

To access the "msc-discuss" General Discussion Group web site with your web browser, go to this URL:


Please bookmark this URL in your web browser for easy and convenient access to this site in the future!

If you are logged into a Google account registered with this discussion group, you will have full access to this discussion group.