Policies and Bylaws are set by the MSC Executive Board, with approval by the membership and in partnership with the State Library. Budgets are prepared by the MSC Director, submitted to the MSC Executive Board for review, and then discussed and voted on by the membership during their annual Spring membership meetings. Decisions about the system functionality is it relates to catalog content or the OPAC are made by the MSC Content Management Committee in conjunction with the MSC Admin.


FY 2020 approved budget ( PDF)

FY 2021 approved budget ( PDF)

A description of the MSC cost share formula is available in the Knowledge Base.


Bylaws (updated 5/03/2017)
Bylaws Appendix A - Member Libraries
Bylaws Appendix B - Content Management Committee (adopted 5/04/2018)
MSC Membership Contract (updated 10/06/2017)
MSC Members by Executive Board Seat (from FY2017)
MSC Withdrawal Checklist (updated 6/2018)
MSC Cataloging Standards Compliance Intervention Policy (adopted 10/4/2018)

Executive Board

The Executive Board is the representational advisory board of the Montana Shared Catalog, comprised of members from each type of library and region. The Executive sets the tone and vision of the MSC, presents proposals on costs, future projects, etc. to the full membership.

The Executive Board oversees an annual survey of the members to direct future projects and identify current gaps. The board compiles projects of member libraries and presents them alongside the Executive Board’s goals in their Work Plan.

Name Term Representing Library
Elizabeth Jonkel 1st (2019-2021) Large Public libraries Missoula Public Library
Bobbi deMontigny 2nd (2020-2022) Special libraries Montana Department of Transportation Library
Anita Scheetz 2nd (2019-2021) Academic libraries James E. Shanley Tribal Library
Debra Westrom 3rd (2020-2022) K-8 School libraries Hellgate Schools
Sean Anderson 2nd (2019-2021) Western-at-Large ImagineIF Libraries
Kelly Reisig 3rd (2020-2022) Eastern-at-Large Sidney Public
Jonna Underwood 1st (2019-2021) Small Public Libraries Sheridan County Library
Mark Wetherington 3rd (2020-2022) Medium Public libraries Bitterroot Public Library
Rebecca Dupre 2nd (2019-2021) HS/School District libraries Missoula County Public Schools

Content Management Committee

The primary functions of the Content Management Committee are to promote consistent bibliographic records, cataloging and circulation practices and to maintain a functional and attractive user interface within the Montana Shared Catalog (MSC) Integrated Library System (ILS).

The Content Management Committee Procedures outline the mission and governance of the CMC.

Name Position Library
Dave Shearer Large Public Billings Public
Beth Boyson Large Public Bozeman Public
Jennifer Hossack Schools MCPS - Washington Middle School
  Special - Law  
Abbi Dooley Medium Public North Lake County Public
Laura Tretter Special - Museum MT Historical Society Research Center
Victoria Lowe, Chair Medium Public Sheridan County Library (Plentywood)
Jodie Moore OPAC Red Lodge Carnegie Library
Paulette Parpart Large Public Missoula Public
Carly Delsigne Circulation North Jefferson Public Library District
Alice Kestler Acquisitions ImagineIF Libraries
Lyndy Parke Serials Missoula Public Library
Jan Dawson Large Public Livingston-Park County Public Library
Vacant Academic  
Kate Lende School District Park High School
  Small Public  

Committee Travel Resources

State Travel Policy/Hotel Listing
Travel Voucher Worksheet
Travel Expense Voucher