GIS Data Deliverables for Channel Migration Mapping Studies

The following information could be included in any future RFP’s for channel migration studies to help provide consistent information statewide and build the state’s database. Project data should be submitted to the Montana State Library Water Information System to be included in this Channel Migration database.

  • GIS data associated with the channel migration mapping effort in a common GIS-format, such as an Esri file geodatabase including the following products:
    • Channel migration and avulsion areas
    • Current and historic river bank lines
    • Migration vectors
    • Reach breaks
    • Other river hazards
    • Georeferenced digital photo mosaics of imagery used to determine current and historic channel locations, if the imagery is not already in the State Library collection
  • GIS data should be accompanied by Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) compliant metadata. Metadata will be published to the Montana State Library’s GIS Data List. The required metadata elements are listed in the State Library Metadata Standard and ArcGIS Metadata Guide documents.
  • GIS data should be delivered in the Montana State Plane projection (NAD 83 State Plane Montana FIPS 2500 Meters)
  • GIS data should be accompanied by layer files (ArcGIS .lyr) defining the suggested symbology for displaying the data, such as the colors used in any maps produced for the final report.
  • In addition to GIS format, products should be delivered as JPEGs and/or PDFs that can be printed or posted to the web for viewing.