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Channel Migration Studies: Application Examples

  • New easement program would allow Yellowstone River to roam. (Billings Gazette, 10/19/14). A voluntary channel migration easement program based on channel migration studies would pay Yellowstone streamside landowners to allow the river to freely move across its floodplain.
  • Montana Aquatic Resources Services (MARS) Channel Migration Easement brochure
  • Channel Migration Processes and Patterns in Western Washington: A Synthesis for Floodplain Management and Restoration
    This document explains channel migration processes and stream channel patterns in Western Washington, providing a succinct and readable summary of scientific concepts relevant to floodplain management and restoration. As well as posing a hazard to adjacent communities, channel migration is the primary physical process creating biodiversity on floodplains. Channel Migration Zones (CMZs) can therefore provide a vital tool for achieving multiple benefits in floodplain management decisions. As well as providing fundamental concepts for floodplain management and restoration, this document supports mapping of CMZs required for communities updating their Shoreline Master Programs.

Channel Migration Studies: Approach and Policy

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