Publishing and Archiving

The Montana Control Point Database is published and accessible via the Montana Data List and from the Mapping Control Web Page. An ArcGIS Online Web Map is available where the database points can be viewed. An ArcGIS Data Service  is also available. A copy of the dataset is submitted to the Montana State Library archive at the end of each calendar year.

Montana Control Point Database supports accurate horizontal and vertical placement of all other layers, particularly CadNSDI and Cadastral (by improving horizontal locations), Hypsography (by providing accurate elevations from Height Modernization), Land Cover, Orthoimagery, Soils and Wetlands from a combined campaign to acquire LIDAR data or other Remote Sensing data collected with accurate positions and elevations provided by Height Modernization.

Montana Control Point Database control points are used for reconnaissance to enable other MSDI theme stewards, surveyors, and local government GIS personnel to find features on the landscape that are of interest to them.