Strategic Marketing Checklist

The Board, individual trustees, the director and the staff all have roles to play in marketing the library.

The Role of the Board

Establish a written marketing and public relations policy.

Make sure the library has a marketing plan and timetable, and evaluate it annually.

Support staff training and involvement in marketing the library.

Budget for marketing and/or assist in obtaining volunteer specialists to help.

Encourage the development of Friends of the Library and other volunteer programs where suitable.

The Role of Individual Trustees

Use the library.

Talk about the library to friends and acquaintances.

Keep county and city officials informed of library issues and of your continued interest in library matters.

Participate in community activities.

Listen to the community.

Tell people what trustees do, who they are, when they meet, how they can be reached.

Organize a speaker's bureau and speak to civic, business, professional and social organizations about library programs, services and facilities.

The Role of the Director/Library Staff

Develop the annual marketing plan and budget.

Evaluate marketing efforts and regularly report on these to the Board.

Plan staff training on marketing efforts.

Analyze public relations needs, plans and budget

Assess public attitudes toward the library.

Develop rapport with media, community groups, writers, artists, business leaders and other libraries.

Coordinate special activities with community groups.

Actively promote the library on television, radio, in newspapers.

Provide friendly service to all members of the public.

Attend appropriate training and continuing education events.

Interpret library policies, procedures and services to the public.

Maintain community awareness.