Sample Trustee Job Description


Provides governance for the Public Library; establishes policy; sets goals; hires and evaluates director; establishes and monitors annual budget; signs necessary contracts; exercises such other powers, not inconsistent with law, necessary for the effective use and management of the library.


(1) Participates in the ongoing responsibilities of the governing body, including establishment of library policies, budgeting, evaluating and supervising the library director, working with local and state government officials, and planning for current and future library services and programs.

(2) Attends all regular and special meetings of the Board, and participates in committees and activities as necessary; attends appropriate library functions.

(3) Represents the interests and needs of community members.

(4) Lends expertise and experience to the organization.

(5) Maintains an awareness of library issues and trends, and the implications for library users.

(6) Acts as liaison with the public, interpreting and informing local government, media and public of library services and needs.

(7) Understands pertinent local and state law; actively supports library legislation in the state and nation.


(1) Is interested in the library and its services.

(2)Has the ability to contribute adequate time for effective participation in Board activities and decision making.

(3)Has the ability to represent needs and varied interests of the community at large and the library.

(4) Has strong interpersonal and communication skills.

(5) Has the ability to work with governmental bodies, agencies and other libraries.

(6) Has the ability to handle opposition and make decisions in the interest of library service.

Time Commitment

The Board of Trustees meets monthly at a time convenient for members. Special meetings or committee meetings may be called as necessary at times that are convenient to members and that comply with open meeting laws.

Under Montana law, trustees hold their office for five years from the date of appointment and until their successors are appointed. Members serve no more than two full terms in succession.