Decide on Whether or Not to Create A Committee To Explore District Option

When you are exploring the library district option you might want to start with the board members and library director. There is a lot to forming a district and eventually you will want a committee. You will need volunteers to help with educating the public, getting out the vote, and starting up the district. However when you are deciding on whether or not to even become a district you might want to stick to a smaller group of people. Smaller groups are easier to manage.

If forming a committee is right for you then look for committee members with different skills. You need people with legal and financial backgrounds. You also need people with public speaking skills as well as volunteers who can design attractive public relations material. Don't forget to include the director and at least one board member on the committee. The director can offer insight into how the library works while the board member is an important liaison between the district committee and the library board.

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