Getting Started - Helpful Hints

This chapter is designed to give you some quick tips for managing the work load when transitioning to a new library district. There will be many things competing for your attention - including the day to day running of the library if you are an existing library. Be realistic about what can be accomplished. Accept that some things won't be completed and realize that it's okay to let some things slide. You will become better and better at identifying what needs to be accomplished today and what can be saved for tomorrow. You also need to become better at delegating (especially if you are the library director).

What if you are a board member? Volunteer to assist the library director. It IS a lot of work to set up a new library district, and your assistance can help ease the heavy workload. Try to remember, however, that there is a fine line between providing assistance and micromanaging. You and the director will need to maintain a balance on who does what.

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