Joys of being a library district

The incredible sense of responsibility to set things up and spend money wisely can be exciting and energizing. It forces you to think about things that you once took for granted. It's a well-worn phrase, but the truth is this kind of responsibility can be very empowering. 

You need to accept that mistakes are inevitable, but mistakes are easier to fix. When you are in control of what happens you can respond quickly and fix problems that arise. 

You may have freedom from fighting the same old battles. Unfortunately there are communities where resources are tight, and there is a lot of fighting about money. As an independent library district you probably won't have to fight these battles anymore. 

You see more possibilities and have the energy and time to work toward them. Since you aren't fighting old battles and you are in control of everything you have time and energy to offer new services and options for staff, patrons, and the community. 

You learn and grow - the challenges are good challenges. Change can be a breath of fresh air, because it brings us opportunities to learn new skills. 

It is rewarding to know that you have created a positive legacy for the future! You are in the process of creating a library that can thrive and grow with its community. You have paved the way for future generations to enjoy a wonderful library. 

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